The places, the colours, the smells,
the sounds, the tastes of an ancient land

-------di Domenico Cassano

-----Welcome to the ancient Campania Felix, land of undeniable natural beauty, rich in history, birth place to one ofthe world’s finest musical and cultural traditions.
-----Influenced by dozen of civilisations and cultures - Normans, Angevins, Aragoneses, Spaniards - Naples never changes: this City has loved them all but never betrays itself: this is its secret, this is its strength.
-----The earth of the Siren Parthenope is living history, pride and tradition. How many have drawn inspiration from this unique location to compose beautiful music? How many 18th and 19th century composers created and played their music, although they were not themselves Neapolitans?
-----A beautiful and enchanting land, rich in jewels of rare beauty: the labyrinth of ancient streets and alleys bordering on the Port’Alba gate, the elegant piazza Trieste e Trento, the San Carlo opera house, Pompei ruins, Caserta Royal Palace.
Very proud of our origins, we want to imprint in your hearts a part of us, a piece of our genuine, authentic soul, leaving on you unforgettable memories…




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